Positive workplace culture through tailored services.

We are dedicated to transforming workplaces into thriving environments where fostering trust and connection is woven into the fabric of daily operations.

As experts in the field of positive workplace culture, we specialise in navigating the nuances of today’s dynamic work landscape.

We specialise in serving Infrastructure, Engineering and Construction industries.

We can help empower your organisation to foster genuine connections, boost collaboration, and elevate overall well-being.

Our focus areas

Put simply, we exist to build healthier working cultures and relationships.

Strong relationships are the foundation of a positive workplace culture.

Our programs focus on building trust, fostering empathy, and nurturing a culture where every individual feels valued, contributing to a healthier and more harmonious work environment.

We focus on six core areas to achieve this:

Remote worker at his home desk

Reconnecting in Hybrid Work

In the era of hybrid work, maintaining a sense of unity can be a challenge.

We guide organisations in cultivating a cohesive work environment, bridging the physical and virtual divide to ensure every team member feels connected and engaged.

An Indian Australian woman wears a hard hat and looks thoughtfully to something not in the photo

Role Clarity

Ambiguity in roles can lead to inefficiency and frustration.

We work with your teams to help identify gaps in the key roles (psychosocial hazard), to
help ensure the roles are contributing to the collective success of the business.

Collaborating workers at an open plan table

Collaboration and Communication

Effective collaboration is the cornerstone of success.

We provide strategies to enhance communication channels and foster a culture where ideas flow freely, creating a workplace that thrives on shared knowledge.

Three construction engineers review a laptop and plans as they point in one direction

Alignment on Purpose and Vision

A shared sense of purpose unifies teams.

Our team helps align your organisation around a common goal, empowering your workforce with a collective sense of direction that propels everyone towards success.

A female senior construction project manager smiles and holds her hart hat. Her colleagues are out of focus behind her.

Realignment of New Ways of Working

Adapting to change is inevitable.

We help ensure that any changes made to the key relationships, roles, and
communication, that they are embedded back into new ways of working while
preserving your core values that define your culture.

A young female asian construction worker wears her safety vest and hardhat and smiles

Psychological Safety

The wellbeing of your team is paramount.

Building a psychologically safe culture is paramount to commitment to excellence. We
help you build a supportive culture that acknowledges and addresses stressors,
promoting both mental wellbeing and physical health and building resilience in your

Embark on a transformative journey toward a workplace culture where kindness is not just a virtue, but a way of doing business.

Creating positive ripples together.

How we deliver

All of our services are:

Custom designed

All of our services are bespoke, co-created with our clients.


The content is fluid and agile and is based on enquiry, exploration, and collaboration.

Evidence based

Our solutions are underpinned by evidenced-based research and approaches.


Work together in short bursts, or longer programs that cement the knowledge we share with you.

Inspiration + Impact

Here, our consultants take the stage – or the seat next to yours – to share, challenge, coach and inspire.

  • Keynote presentations
  • Speaking
  • Mentoring

Deep Dives for Teams

These gatherings spark ideas, connection, and excitement, and help teams to understand and live out their values.

  • Workshops
  • Facilitated gatherings

Out Of Office Impact

Beautiful moments happen outside of work. These events help to nurture ideas and reconnect with motivation in a relaxing atmosphere.

  • Leader Retreats
  • Impact Dinners
  • 1 Million Ripples on social media

Let’s get started

We provide a wealth of flexible, impactful and memorable services for you and your organisation.

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