We help create more positive cultures
by co-creating positive impact through growth
and pushing beyond boundaries.


Co-creating Positive Impact

Our Vision:

Realising greater potential of humanity through value-alignment, wellbeing, connectedness and leadership, in order to drive a new era of development, growth and prosperity.

Our Focus:

Positive societal attitudinal shifts with our clients and community members to further develop their aspirations into purpose-driven, value-aligned, and driving more sustainable outcomes that have identifiable and measurable impacts.

Our Principles:

Courage | Consciousness | Compassion | Connection | Co-Creation

  • Courage – Taking the road less travelled
  • Consciousness – Opening hearts and Minds
  • Compassion – Caring deeply for each other
  • Connection – Making friends then doing business
  • Co-Creation – Turning brilliant ideas into reality

Problem >> Solution >> Impact


In the world today, we are living through harsh times full of anxiety, short-termism, and divisive outcomes; where we face destructive behaviours in ourselves, at work and in our communities. As many of us have experienced, and as research shows, this then manifests itself as:

  • Low productivity
  • Unhealthy life-style behaviours
  • Apathy
  • A lack of drive and direction
  • Lack of connectedness


At Ripple Affect Institute we are helping create solutions by helping our clients get into a growth mindset and explore beyond their boundaries.

We look to inspire learning and co-creating together through our Ripple Dinners, Events, and Services. We have created a community of people who are exploring, creating and impacting! We are a community where everyone is welcomed, and everyone belongs.

Our DNA: We Connect. We Question. We Reflect. We Learn. We Co-create. We Evolve.

We learn and co-create through seeking clarity about ourselves, our families, our work teams, and our greater communities. We believe that each of those parts is important to interrelated in order to get the best outcome of what you are trying to achieve.

We are a community of individuals who believe in putting effort into making the world a better place through awareness, enquiry, questioning, accountability, and action.

We help each other explore beyond our own boundaries in safe and supportive environments.

We are about creating positive impact in the world.

At Ripple Affect Institute everyone is welcome. We are inclusive. We are building a community of all ages, cultures, religious backgrounds, and gender orientation who are interested in making a positive impact in their world. We help Create Ripples.

If this sounds of interest to you – you belong with us! Come along to learn, to create, to align your values to your every day life, and to build on being something bigger than yourself.

We accomplish this through our creatively co-designed “projects”

  • Impact Dinners
  • Co-designed Experiential Workshops (Projects)
  • Events and Retreats

We’re up to the challenge of driving positive impact. Are you?


At Ripple Affect Institute we are passionate about assisting our members and clients to develop, transform and grow greater prosperity through exploring:

  • Wellbeing
  • Inclusion and Connectedness
  • Sustainability and Innovation
  • Servant Leadership

Our Learning Framework

Wellbeing, Authenticity, Strengths, Value-Alignment, and Purpose
(starting with ourselves)

Inclusiveness (including our teams, friends, colleagues)

Connectedness and Sustainability (connecting ourselves to our communities)

Servant Leadership (Giving to our communities)

Our Learning Philosophy

We are all teachers and we are all students. We are each responsible for own learning. We define success on our own terms. We accept nothing without question.

We are creative and imaginative. We follow our intuition.

We talk less. We ask good questions. We listen deeply to the answers. We refrain from giving unsolicited advice. We give honest feedback and we do it with love.

We know that knowledge is nothing without action. We learn best by doing. We take action to get clarity. We treat failures as experiments.

We are slow and mindful in our actions. We practice meditation and we pause for reflection. We play games, act and do activities to expand our creativity.

We are openhearted and open-minded. We are vulnerable, honest and transparent. We give, and get, deep respect. We do not judge. We give more and take less. We do what we say we will.

We care deeply for each other, our community and the planet.

We share the real stuff. We cry. We laugh. We dine together.

We take the road less travelled. We are visionaries, renegades and mischief-makers. We pursue a higher purpose. We work towards prosperity – for everyone.

We know that ‘slow and steady’ wins the race. We also know there is no race, for we believe in co-operation and collaboration, not competition.

We trust that when we come together to learn, connect, collaborate and play with a shared vision of a better world, that everything is possible…absolutely everything.

Impact Dinners

Ripple Dinners have been developed to bring individuals / communities / teams together to collectively explore ideas as a group, with the intent to enjoy familiar or new connections, to come away with new perspectives, and explore beyond our own boundaries in a fresh approach. We help the participants develop clearly articulated actions as a consequence of their experiences.

Each dinner has been developed by the Ripple Affect Institute Collaborator to ensure unique experiences. While every dinner always adheres to the DNA of the Ripple Dinners, no dinner is ever the same!

The dinners are single events but are set up as a series to keep the conversations alive, and build on the individual and collective impacts.

Dinner Options

Storytelling Dinners – Dinner starts with a guest speaker introducing the topic of the night, followed by sharing of stories as we create deeper conversation and create future impact.

Exploration Dinners – The group will be taken on a meaningful exploration into a challenging topic by the Ripple Affect Institute Collaborator with intent to gain further insight and create future impact.

Member Dinners – these dinners will be by invitation only for Ripple Affect Institute members.

Corporate / Community Dinners – These dinners are co-created with your organisations to further uniquely develop your own teams that aligns with your own goals.

Ripple Affect Institute dinners are about building communities of people who want to achieve greater alignment, perform better, and generate impact. Interested to join us?

Co-creating Projects

Co-Creating Projects

All of our “Projects” are are based on our Learning Framework , and uniquely co-created with our clients to maximize the impact and alignment to our client’s needs. The content is fluid and agile as is based on the enquiry, exploration, and outcomes of members’ experiences, and the unique needs of our clients.

Project One – Well being and Value-Alignment Workshops
Project Two – Leadership and Team Building Workshops
Project Three – Culture Shift Workshops

All of our projects have options to include:

  • 2 hours, half day, or full day
  • Weekend Retreats
  • Impact Dinners

Each of these are developed and co-created with our clients to address specific topics that our clients are working on.

Our Tribe

Our tribe is creative and diverse, but we all have one thing in common – we are working on greater alignment with ourselves and within our workplaces and communities in order to live a more fulfilled life.

Laurice Temple

Laurice is Chief Impact Leader of Ripple Affect Institute, (which was originally the Slow School of Business, which she bought in 2018 and re-branded in 2019).

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Laurice Temple

Laurice is Chief Impact Leader of Ripple Affect Institute, (which was originally the Slow School of Business, which she bought in 2018 and re-branded in 2019). The original intent was to develop a way to create a way to connect people who want to create positive impact in the world through their own contributions. She knew that she wanted to work with other amazing, unique, and courageous individuals and this was the perfect path to do so!

Laurice is an Engineer/Project Manager by background, and has worked in the US, Asia, and Australia on some of the world’s largest infrastructure projects. She’s worked for large corporate firms, not-for-profits, and government, and run her own consultancies as well- being a non-executive board director.

Through her own personal experiences and constant enquiry, she became more aware of how so many people are unhappy, trying to escape from their daily challenges, and are not in “alignment” with the way they want to live their lives both at work and home.

Laurice has created Ripple Affect Institute services based on extensive research, through exploration of stories shared by others, and through her own experiences. We explore and create together about value-alignment in life, understanding there are many paths to take (not “one right answer”). We discuss the importance of gratitude, kindness, positivity, and addressing our own wellbeing; which leads to being more curious about a deeper connection to those around us.

Ripple Affect Institute was developed for those courageous enough to explore beyond their own boundaries in order to create positive impact.

Michael Bartura

Program Development & Support
Michael has been involved in lifestyle education, health & wellness promotion, training and organisational development since the mid-Eighties.

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Michael Bartura – Program Development & Support

Michael has been involved in lifestyle education, health & wellness promotion, training and organisational development since the mid-Eighties. With close to 20 years of management experience in four continents, he brings to the table a well-refined cross-cultural mentoring capacity and a managerial acumen amassed in both not-for-profit and business contexts. He has extensive experience in Mindfulness practices and delivers insightful and engaging training seminars and group-work through nondenominational science-based methodologies.

In earlier years, Michael worked as a therapist and a trainer in clinics and centres in Australia, UK, the US and Canada. Later, he undertook senior managerial roles in international businesses and charities. In his last full-time role, as a manager for the East West Learning Centre in Singapore, he focused on designing platforms to deliver an integrated Mind-Body approach to leadership education. Last year he oversaw the TeamUp program – a unique coaching journey designed to counter stress and build resilience in charities. In Australia, he runs his own coaching practice based on Mindfulness-based Leadership and Positive Neuroplasticity to work with individuals, organisations and Startups. He is also member of the core faculty of the School of Life in Melbourne.

Besides a variety of certificates and diplomas in holistic therapies, Michael holds a Master’s degree in Management from Macquarie Graduate School of Management. He is a passionate and skilful coach and has been and associate of the Asian leadership Institute for close to 20 years.

Collaborators / Facilitators

All of our collaborators are unified by the principals and ideals of wanting to have greater impact in the world. They are an amazing group of individuals and collectively, when they work together, they create memorable and dazzling energy!


A small group of amazing people who are assisting in guiding us to having greater impact.


All of our partners believe in the ideas of the Institute, and work o the basis of mutual benefit. Everything we do, we do together to assist each other to get a better outcome.