Is your organisation in a downward spiral?

Workplaces around Australia face similar issues of toxicity and stress.

Read on to check where your workplace is on the spiral of workplace health.  


Navigating the Spiral:

Understanding Toxic Workplace Culture

In the often tumultuous landscape of modern workplaces, the descent into a toxic culture can be a perilous journey.

At the Ripple Affect Institute, we recognise the destructive impact of negativity, conflict, and disengagement within teams.

Picture it as a metaphorical Emotional Spiral, with a vibrant green Spiral Up representing positive growth and a concerning red Spiral Down signifying a toxic decline.

In the face of a downward spiral, it’s crucial to understand that change is not only possible, but within reach.


downward and upward spiral

The Downward Spiral: Recognising Toxic Patterns

In workplaces experiencing a red spiral down, signs of toxicity can manifest in various ways:

  • diminished morale
  • strained relationships
  • a decline in overall productivity
  • negative behaviours and communication patterns
  • a toxic atmosphere that erodes trust and stifles innovation.

We see common themes and issues in workplace environments, such as:

  • Challenges of reconnecting people in the hybrid world
  • Toxic cultures
  • High attrition rates
  • Productivity issues

Recognising these patterns is the first step towards breaking the cycle and steering the organisation toward a healthier culture.

Turning Towards Positivity:

The Ripple Affect Approach

We specialise in helping organisations make a U-turn on their Emotional Spiral.

By understanding the dynamics of toxicity and addressing its root causes, we guide teams in transforming their culture.

Our metaphorical green Spiral Up signifies a positive ascent, emphasising the possibility of turning around even when facing a downward trajectory.

Through tailored strategies and interventions, we empower teams to

  • foster healthier relationships
  • enhance communication
  • align towards a shared purpose.

Together, we navigate the Emotional Spiral, proving that positive change is not only achievable but essential for creating a workplace where individuals thrive and organisations flourish.

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