Words from our clients, after we have worked together to co-create a positive workplace culture.

The aura of energy that floats around Laurice infuses you with a feeling of ‘anything is possible’.

Laurice brings genuine empathy and tough love to all of her interactions as she focuses on credible, long lasting change.

A purposeful driven role model whose curiosity about individuals as well as systemic cultural and conventional beliefs elevates discussion to focus on thoughtful, cogent and potent change.

An encounter with Laurice is always compelling.

I highly recommend her as a coach, facilitator, mentor and game changer for you as an individual or an organisation.

Eibhlin Fletcher
Halpin Partnership

Halpin Partnership

Laurice and her colleagues at Ripple Affect have always been a delight to work with. Laurice has the depth of experience across the construction industry at multiple levels of leadership that adds value not only to those she facilitates programs with, but her key stakeholders too.

She always makes herself available and has been a keen supporter of the industry and CCF for around 20 years, championing in particular, career pathways for women. Her passion for psychological safety, mental health and well-being has been inspiring from not just what she teaches and coaches, but her personal journey as well.

She is an inspiring person to have working with you and I always feel confident that she will deliver, and deliver with impact.

She has designed modules for programs such as EPIC, Surveillance Cadetship and is now back with us delivering a Culture program for our Women and Indigenous Pathways Program.

I can highly recommend Laurice, Nicole and Ripple Effect – as trusted partners for your business to develop bespoke programs as well as care for your business and their people.

Personally, she has supported me and she is a person I know I can always call on when I want quality, experience, inspiration, wisdom and advice.

Lisa Kinross
Civil Contractors Federation Victoria

Civil Contractors Federation logo

Laurice was well attuned to my needs as an emerging project manager right from our first meeting. She generously shared her breadth of experiences in a way that helped me to understand the importance of establishing structures and controls for my project.

Our relationship was more than just practical ideas though; Laurice also helped me to develop a strategic view of myself within project management and the organisation.

Above all though, Laurice has a fabulous personality and was a really fun person to work with!

I’m now far more confident about putting in place the structures I need around me to excel at my job, and I truly feel that I am lifting the standard of project management within my organisation.

Luke Shelley
Bureau of Meteorology
Australian Government

Bureau of Meteorology

Laurice has been a great support during my early years of work in Australia and then a reliable friend during my academic and industry career.

She holds a sensible and strong position for a sustainable society and has a keen purpose of encouraging people towards it.

Her vast experience in the industry makes her a remarkable pioneer in turning our life for a better one.

She is passionate, determined, and yet flexible in working with people.

I simply admire her.

Hamzeh Zarei
Planning & Controls Manager
Oil and Gas, Construction, and Rail.

The sessions delivered by Laurice Temple and Nicole Jordan were sensational.

So much care was taken to design and deliver content that was contextualised for Civil Construction; resulting in powerful messaging on topics that often are overlooked or sidelined across the industry.

The combination of Laurice’s lived civil experience, Nicole’s mental health expertise and the EQ demonstrated by both of them resulted in impactful and invaluable learning.

Alison Wall

“Laurice provided a very thought – provoking and engaging talk on barriers in the construction industry to inclusion of women.

She told some funny but salient stories of inadvertent exclusion and the impact that has.

She also talked about the general state of mental health in the industry with one of the highest suicide rates and how this is now time for action for all: government, organisations to create safe and inclusive workplaces.

Whilst the topics were serious, Laurice was able to engage the audience with stories and anecdotes to illustrate her points.”

Alison Vergese
Department of Job, Skills, Industry and Regions
Victoria State Government

Victoria State Government ECODEV