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WOWpod 87 - Laurice - Yarra Valley

WOWpod is a podcast – in fact, the name is the shortened version of The Words Of Wisdom Podcast.

WOWpod was born of the idea that, as people move through their life, they develop wisdom, defined by the online Oxford Learner’s Dictionary as being “the ability to make sensible decisions and give good advice because of the experience and knowledge that you have”.


Constructing You - Culture, a Curious Mind, and Starting Again

Constructing You, looks at the people behind the projects, and I’m starting at the top.
I’ll be sharing interviews with exceptional leaders, industry titans and young guns with you.
I’m not only going to find out what they do, but also who they are, and who they’ve had to become to achieve what they have. What does it really take to become an exemplary, excellent and exceptional person behind the projects?



Laurice Temple interviewed on Youtube

CCF Victoria Laurice Temple Head Heart & Hands SD

Recognising the importance of directly addressing mental health issues in the civil construction industry, CCF Victoria is taking proactive steps to design and introduce practical initiatives to assist and support construction businesses, their owners and managers to build mentally healthy workplaces.

This video was created as part of the ‘The Positive Plans – Positive Futures Project’ developed by CCF Victoria. The program is a State-wide initiative aimed to use Mental Health Action Plans as a key driver to prevent work related stress and burn-out, and improve mental health outcomes for young workers and senior professionals in the civil construction industry.




Navigating eggshells

with Graeme Bowman


Human leaders podcast thumbnail

Community Conversation: Inclusion & Bias with Laurice Temple & Niti Nadarajah

Community Conversations occur between two of our Human Leaders members, lightly facilitated, with the goal of uncovering real and raw insights based on the experiences of our members. Our members are chosen based on experience and connection to the theme for the particular month, giving perspective and peer learning opportunity to our members to hear from other members with the most relevant experience and insight to our theme.